This page shows the status of our Belnet Network and Services. Currently these are updated manually.
To report incidents, please contact our Belnet Service Desk at 02 790 33 00 or

Network issue impacting some of our customers on location WTC3 - Brussels Wednesday 29th March 2023 22:43:10

We are currently (starting 29/03/2023 21:30) experiencing a technical issue on our network in the WTC3 building in Brussels which can affect connectivity for some of our customers connected there. Our teams are working hard to restore connectivity and our services should be up shortly. Belnet customers can contact our Service Desk at 02 790 33 00. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The remote engineer together with the on-site engineer resolved the issue. All services are operational again! Some more troubleshooting and finalizing the finer details are still ongoing. As the incident is resolved, no further updates will be given through this page.

The engineer is on site and awaiting spare parts.

The technical team is currently making preparation to send a third party on site with spare material. One of the two routers is having trouble after an OS upgrade. Non-redundant customers connected solely to this machine are experiencing loss of connectivity