This page shows the status of our Belnet Network and Services. Currently these are updated manually.
To report incidents, please contact our Belnet Service Desk at 02 790 33 00 or

Connectivity issue Friday 15th February 2019 10:50:00

We currently have problems on our network. Our teams are working hard to resolve this. More information will follow. Belnet customers can contact our Service Desk at 02 790 33 00.

At 18h10, the faulty card has been replaced. Traffic is confirmed to be back to normal on this card since 18h30.

Some configurations will still have to be reverted to the before incident configuration. This will be done next week. Impacted customers will be informed about it.

At 12h00 we have moved traffic towards another transit provider. This has resolved the saturation problem. Now that the workaround is in place, we are performing the following actions:

1/ Our supplier is almost on site with new hardware and will replace the faulty MIC

2/ We will monitor the behavior of this MIC and then decide when we migrate back to the old setup

A defect card has been identified in BRUEVE. It has been disconnected, which solves the issues. We are now replacing this card to restore our full transit capacity.

The impacted service was the external connectivity. This is now solved, but we still experience some performance problems. All our teams are busy with our vendors to solve this as quickly as possible.