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Issues reported by users with RRN service Tuesday 12th March 2019 14:06:00

RRN is reporting to Belnet that its customers are experiencing connectivity issues with the service. Belnet is actually investigating will all parties where the problem is located. This page will be updated as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience.

13/03/2019 12:30
The problem was caused by resource exhaustion on an intermediate router. This resource exhaustion was caused by memory consumed mainly by public IPv6 prefixes.
Belnet is in contact with the customer to reduce drastically the number of IPv6 prefixes exchanged, which would solve the resource exhaustion issue. As a workaround, IPv6 has been disabled at customer's side, which solves any latency issues that were experienced.

12/03/2019 15:30
After an intervention on the network of IBZ, the RRN connectivity is now working again.

We are waiting more details from our partners on the root cause.

12/03/2019 15:15
Our teams are still working with the FPS Interior (IBZ) teams to help them identifying the problem.

12/03/2019 14:45
RRN Connectivity issue is still under investigation by Belnet teams and other involved parties. Troubleshooting is still ongoing to determine the root cause.