This page shows the status of our Belnet Network and Services. Currently these are updated manually.
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Fiber cut Wednesday 26th August 2020 06:38:00

Due to a fiber cut , the redundancy is impacted between Brufin and Bruups. Our teams are collaborating with our 3rd parties. Belnet customers can contact our Service Desk at 02 790 33 00. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Problem has been fixed and shelf is restarted. All services are up with full redundancy. From Belnet side incident is now resolved. Please contact our Service Desk at 02 790 33 00 in case you should still experience some problems.

The problem has been identified. Before to restart the shelf safely we need to replace some pieces of hardware. Our teams are working on it. ETR is 14:30

We found a shelf with a power issue in BRUUPS. Supplier technician is going on-site to investigate and fix the problem.

The fiber cut was repaired around 23:00 but did not solve all the issues. The link between Brufin and Willebroek is still in problem. A team went on both sites around 03:00 to check the fiber. The measurement done on the link do not reveal any problem on the fiber. Our NOC is now busy checking the optical switches devices on both side of the link.

The supplier repair team is still busy to resolve the fiber cut. ETR is now estimated at 22:00 at the earliest.

The last update received from our fiber supplier is that digging works are in progress to find the fiber and repair it. ETR is still 16:00

The fiber repair team is still waiting for the road and traffic signs. They have all authorizations but it is going to take time. ETR is still 16:00

Fiber cut is located near an highway exit. To access the location and perform the repair special authorizations and the intervention of the police are needed. The repair is going to take longer than expected and actual ETR is 16:00

Fiber cut location have been found. Line provider teams are going to fix it but we have no ETR at the moment.

Fiber cut is impacting several zones deserved by line provider and a lot of its customers are impacted. Supplier Technical teams are still busy searching the location of the cut to resolve the problem as soon as possible.