This page shows the status of our Belnet Network and Services. Currently these are updated manually.
To report incidents, please contact our Belnet Service Desk at 02 790 33 00 or

Issues with our service DDOS Wednesday 16th December 2020 16:21:37

We are currently experiencing an issue on our anti DDoS Solution. Due to this, all Belnet DDoS protected customers suffer from connectivity loss to subdomains of the portal. Our teams are working on a solution in close collaboration with our supplier.

A work-around has been implmemented and the stituation is stable now. From Belnet side incident is now resolved. Please contact our Service Desk at 02 790 33 00 in case you should still experience any problems.We thank you for your patience.

Our teams, together with Smartschool teams, have found and implemented a work-around. Connectivity to subdomains of the portal should now be restored.

Our teams together with our suppliers and Smartschool teams will continue to investigate the root cause to be able to provide a definitive solution.